Change of direction

So; big news.  Huge news.  Really large proportioned information…

I’m coming back to Pukunui!

There’s a longer tale with explanations and back story (isn’t there always??), but basically, Pukunui have offered me the flexibility I’ve been craving for – well, what feels like a Very Long Time.  I’ve missed consulting work – the way I can get to see so many different approaches to online learning, and help so many different people.  I’m looking forward to the challenges, and to the Pukunui camaraderie.

I’ve been at Australian College of Nursing (ACN) for just over 18 months.  While I was hired as an Instructional Designer, I never felt that I could settle in and do only that role – there was too great a need for Moodle administration.  I’m happy to say ACN will shortly be advertising a full-time position for a Learning Systems Administrator (Moodle) on  They’ve recognised that Instructional Design is not Moodle administration – although the two should work together, neither should really be doing the tasks of the other.  I’m hopeful that will make the remaining Instructional Designers lives much happier and easier, and that the whole organisation will benefit from the dedicated focus on the Moodle sites that are so integral to the educational offerings from ACN.

If you’re interested, talk to me (@moodlechick).  There are one or two people in the Moodle community I can think of who could be really happy in the role.  For me, ACN can’t compare to the flexibility Pukunui are offering, and I’m feeling a need to be back out there with the wider community, sharing ideas and meeting other like-minded educators.  I’ve missed it.

So – farewell to ACN (so long, so long – and thanks for all the fish…)

Hello Pukunui – thanks for having me back!



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