My Three Words

Last year I was fortunate enough to come across a book called “The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth” by Chris Brogan. I’ve been following Chris since, and found his post on how he makes a version of a New Years resolution helpful and inspiring. Its over there…

So after quite a bit of reflection on not just 2015, but the last five years (which have seen a lot of changes in my life), I got down to the serious business of planning 2016, and it starts with these three words:

Calm.  Learn.  Build.

Calm – this is a reminder to myself to take a breath, re-centre and speak with heart.  I’ve been battling with depression for years, and have always struggled with the impact it has on my family life.  Calm is acting from a place of strength, peace and love.  There are some actions I’ve planned (and started taking) that directly relate to this, and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact they’ll have!

Learn – particularly learn by doing (see below).  Worrying about not knowing enough is counter-productive, and I have proven to myself that I can learn anything if I’m prepared to put in the time and patience to get there.  Learn also relates to the things I want to teach and share with my community – learn together.  This word sums up a lot for me that I find hard to translate – its a feeling as much as an action!

Build – its not enough to fill my head with information, I have to get out and build (and learn in the process!).  This relates to the business I’m putting together, as well as the day to day stuff that just needs to get done.  I’m building my body and health with taekwondo training, the richness of my family life with focussed attention on home and my loved ones, and my work life with building demonstrations of the tools and practices I advocate.


So 2016 is off to a great start.  Instead of a prescriptive resolution, I have the broad strokes of the direction I want to go in to improve.  And I’ve adapted planning documents from a few places to turn those broad strokes into a step-at-a-time success plan.  Onward!


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