Life is what happens when you’re making other plans…

The relationship I’ve had with this blog has always been a bit sporadic – reading back over the entries (and draft entries) I tend to post when big things are happening, and be very quiet the rest of the time.

So it was unusual for me not to post when the lovely Scott Huntley joined the Pukunui team in Sydney. And when I went on leave from Pukunui, leave I’ll be on for the next year.

And it will be unusual for me not to be at Moodlemoot AU, and not to be posting and tweeting about it a lot!

And the reason for all this unusual (lack of) activity?

We have a new youngling soon to join our family. Due to arrive sometime this month. Being pregnant has shifted a lot of my usual activity to the side, and certainly changed the direction I thought 2016 was taking way back in January when I was busy making plans!

I’m taking a break from the world of online education for a while, and focussing my attention on my family. While baby will be here in their own good time (no we don’t know what we’re having, we’re hoping a healthy human being!), this year also marks the end of my big girl’s journey through Primary School. The timing may strike some as unusual, but we’re finding there are a lot of positives for having a larger gap between siblings, and I am looking forward to being able to be more present for both children across the next year.

So to all my online ed peeps – I look forward to plenty of engaging conversations with you down the track. I’ll be sure and send the occasional postcard from Motherhood!

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